early sunsets over monroeville - mcr



great at crime - the musical ghost + OR3O
I spent the morning ("morning" - I got up at 12) watching Groundhog Day with mum. It's all this quarantine feels like, really. The same day over and over and over. I'm supposed to be working on my final art project but I just can't - not physically, but mentally. Instead I'm listening to Mika's live album, Brooklyn Steel, and wondering how to achieve his peak hysteric gay energy.

My boyfriend's been having the same problem, he's been playing Fallout 76 for hours now. I hope he's having fun - every time he talks to me about it this is me. I never want to become one of those partners who resents his boyfriend's hobbies, y'know? Anyway, I'm gonna go for a walk before I start getting anxious over being the Worst Ever.

Had to delete the previous entries because I fucked up the code something awful, but it's not a big loss. There's still some hiccups - no fuckin' idea why this text is so indented, but it ez what it ez. Not sleeping yet 'cuz I napped earlier and I wanna draw. Also, my back hurts and I CANNOT be fucked to lie there in agony. Editing this page is killing me because the CSS says 200px but displays at 300. Agggggh.



real folk blues (funimation cover)
My chronic pain has been acting up something awful, so I've mostly been lying in bed. My neck pillow should be coming soon, and we're gonna order a proper desk chair because my spine is all jangled. That's a technical term.

I woke up at 9am with cold sweats, but then managed to sleep until 2ish. I'm kinda worried about my back - I was supposed to have a hospital appt but they canceled it because of the whole You Know. Gonna call the hospital and see if this counts as an emergency, since I have to have painkillers with every meal at this point.


mood: exhausted

slow jam cover of modern day cain
Sorry for the radio silence, I haven't been able to sit down and write lately. The desk chair has been ordered so hopefully it'll be here soon - I'm just writing this so you don't think I died.


mood: too hot

fanfare for the common man
- emerson, lake, and palmer
It's been two months! In that time I had more blood tests than I would've liked, finished another year of college, and got diagnosed with fibromyalgia! I'm on medication for it and things don't hurt as much now, but I still get tired easily. It's incurable, so I just have to learn to deal. It's a little easier for me than most because three other people in my extended family (including my sister) have it.

As for what else I'm up to, I have a short vacation soon (Monday, I think?) and then immediately after that it's camping with my boyfriend and some of his mates. It's so hot right now, all I wanna do is sleep. I just had a nap for, like, four hours but another one doesn't sound too bad. If I do sleep, though, I'll miss the birthday cake - the snails are a year old today! How time flies.

I checked the coding for this page in Microsoft Edge and it displays correctly there, Firefox just apparently hates me :(