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mood: sleepy

Revamping this site yet again. As a busy college student, I never seem to have enough time on my hands to really fix things up. I'm supposed to be applying for university right now, but instead I'm looking at dolls on eBay. Such is life.

England has gone into another lockdown. I don't know what this will mean for class - one of my teachers barely knows how to use a computer, on a digital art class so I'm trying not to worry about it. I saw a lady walk past my bus stop with an empty pram, and then a while later she came back the other way with it stacked full of toilet paper. You'd think that the people who stockpiled like it was the end of the world back in March would have some left, right?

I'm really just hoping people don't hoard the painkillers. Save some for those who need it (me) and stop being so greedy!!